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0115 851 1666
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Debt Collection

Slow payers create difficulties for many businesses and the time and effort spent chasing debts can cause potentially crippling cash flow shortages.

Your problem could be solved by letting our Debt Collection Service do the work.

  • Our service is quick and efficient
  • It can be tailored to suit your particular requirements
  • It enables you to get on with running your business, whilst we collection your cash

Many debts are recovered when a debtor receives a solicitor’s letter or failing that a County Court claim form. Our fixed fee charging structure is competitive. In addition, where required, we are able to offer a flexible service tailored to meet your individual requirements.

We require copies of all outstanding invoices and will immediately write to your debtors demanding payment. If the debts remain unpaid, we will issue court proceedings and then take enforcement action in the event that the debt is still not settled.

In the case of more complex disputed debts Commercial Litigation specialists can take up the matter on your behalf.

Our fixed fee charging structure is straight forward and cost effective. If you require us to carry out work in addition to that covered by the fixed fee structure, our flexible service will apply, for which there will be an additional charge, details of which will be provided to you.

If you believe we can be of any assistance please contact us on 0115 851 1666 or at to make an appointment, or alternatively to discuss matters over the telephone.

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